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30 things to do before 30

Volunteer for a cause

When thinking about where to volunteer I had a rather serendipitous opportunity fall in my lap. 

Full disclosure, I work at Maccas. As part of  my job I get to work on the McHappy Day project this year. As part of the process, we worked with our agency to come up with something for social media that really was an amazing idea. 

Ronald McDonald House Charities has a long relationship with us and if you ever get the chance I encourage you to spend some time in one of the houses. 

We spent weeks working with them to refine the concept and then we had one day out at Ronald McDonald House at Westmead to film the story. We wanted to do something more. To put on a show. 

Spending time amongst the families and hearing their stories is a really heartbreaking. Putting on dinner for them and seeing how grateful they are is special. 

We weren’t only there to hear them and feed them though. We were there to put on a very special sock puppet show. 
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Dining Out #39 – Love.Fish

Have you ever tried the seafood diet? You know the one where you see food and eat it? I feel like that’s probably the most consistent diet in my eating history and you know what, I’m ok with that.

Anyway, onto the food. My excellent friend has been teaching me the ways to appreciate other proteins (what! No steak!) in her pescartarian ways and this delicious outing was no exception. I know looking back through my restaurants we’ve done it a bit – but Love.Fish literally gave me no other option.
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Dining Out #38 – Bentley

Celebrate good times come on! 🎉

Of course I’ll use the opportunity to quote some Kylie lyrics . But it also happens my dear friends had something to celebrate so we decided nothing short of awesome will do.

We chose Bentley, a two hat restaurant which consistently gets loads of good reviews, especially for the work of chef Brett Savage.

Dressed to the nines and cocktails in hands, (espresso martini’s that is), it was time to dig in.

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Dining Out #37 – New Hong Kong Cafe

Ever wandered through the streets of Chinatown and wondered if yet just picked one randomly it would work out?

Not only did I wander, I can tell you it might fair ok. Even better if you pick a place that also has a karaoke level like we did. (Karaoke did escape us this time).

The brief was simple, Chinatown goodness on an early afternoon. We decided to pick something on Dixon St and whilst I stared longingly at my favourite Old Hong Kong Town cuisine, my blog duties won over.
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Dining Out #36 – Pazar 

I definitely have my favourite areas to dine in – I can be found in Surry Hills, Balmain or North Sydney most often. These places seem to attract clusters of awesome restaurants all together that keep you visiting until you have tried them all. But sometimes you might just step outside your regular travels and find a diamond in the rough.

What a giant, glistening diamond we did find. Pazaar is located in Cantebury in the middle of mostly abandoned shops. It doesn’t look like much from the front, but when you get inside it all changes.

You are immediately overwhelmed with the smokiness and the smell envelopes you. In fact the next day I picked up my coat and it had a more than a hint of smoke to it!
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Dining Out #35 – China Lane

I was super keen to try China Lane as I was starting to feel like I was the only one who had not been there.

There’s a first world problem for you:  it’s actually hard to get through all of the places I want to dine.

I want to go to them all!

But the day finally came and it was a Friday night after a big work week which was even more appreciated. We got the last outside table and to be honest I felt the choice was easy.
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Dining Out #34 – George’s Grill

I was lucky enough to catch up with an old friend this weekend. It’s been way too long and much has changed in our lives, and yet it was like nothing had changed.

We decided King St Wharf would be a good place to go and chose George’s as it seemed nice and respectably priced.

As always the view was fab and the menu wasn’t bad to chose from at all. We just decided to get some mezze  to share and ended up with three.
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Dining Out #33 – Mejico

Things you should know about me. (If you don’t already).

1. Tequila is one of my favourite things. Especially in the form of Cafe Patron or a margarita.

2. I would be happy if jalapeños were served with everything.

Hence going to Mejico was probably going to work out well for me.
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Dining Out #32 – The Burger Project

Y’all know I have a love affair with burgers. It’s outta control how much I love burgers. I started this weekly challenge with burgers at Mary’s and I can’t believe I haven’t tried another burger joint until this point.

My favourite part of the Burger Project is the simplicity. There are a handful of burgers and although there aren’t many – I really struggled with the choice. I wanted to choose perfectly. And all the people in Fatties burger society would tell me to get double patties.

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Dining Out #31 – MCA Graze

How annoying is it when you are showing people around Circular Quay or just being a tourist yourself and then you get hungry?

The is nothing around!

I find that most places are high priced, low quality or packed. Which is really annoying. Not anymore.

I have find a place. I really don’t want to share it with you. But I have to dammit.
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